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Prices & Terms

We have 25 full height individual luxury chalets which are fully compliant with the 2018 Cat Boarding regulations.

All our chalets can accommodate 1 or 2 cats very comfortably and we have several larger chalets which can accommodate 3, 4 or 5 cats from the same household.

For extra information, call 01757 289005, or email

Chalet prices

1 cat = £15.00 per day
2 cats sharing* = £22.00 per day
3 cats sharing* = £28.00 per day

  • Other prices available on request.

  • A minimum charge of £35 per chalet applies**.

  • *Only cats from the same home can be accommodated together.

  • Christmas Day, 26th December & New Year’s Day incur a supplementary £2 per day per chalet charge. 

  • ** Minimum charge of £50/chalet for stays on or during the following dates; 22nd December 2022 until 3rd January 2023.

Terms & Conditions

  • A full day’s fee is charged on the day of arrival and departure.


  • Our opening and closing times for customers dropping off and picking up their cats will be strictly adhered to unless alternative times outside of normal hours have been previously agreed and that this agreement must have been made at least 24 hours prior to the drop off or pick up in question. This is important for security and the general day to day planned smooth-running of the cattery.


  • Prices include everything your cat, our guest will need for a very comfortable stay with us. You are welcome to bring items from home too. For cats on specialised diets we may ask owners to supply their own food. 


  • An up-to-date veterinary vaccination record must be seen to ensure that cats have current vaccinations against Cat flu & Feline Infectious enteritis.


  • All cats should have had an up-to-date treatment for fleas and worms.


  • Cat collars should be removed prior to or on arrival for the duration of the stay.


  • We do not accept entire males for boarding over the age of 9 months.


  • In the case of illness or suspected illness, a veterinary surgeon will be consulted and if necessary, called in to carry out such treatment as he/she considers advisable at the expense of the cats’ owner.


  • In the case of cats from the same home sharing a chalet we reserve the right to separate them if problems arise.


  • Cats must be in a safe secure suitable pet carrier before they can be moved from the vehicle to the cattery chalet. Please do not attempt to carry your cat in your arms.


  • Strictly no admittance into the cattery unless accompanied by a member of staff.


  • You will be charged for the full duration of your booked stay if you collect your cat/s early.


  • A cancellation notice period of at least 7 days prior to your arrival date is required otherwise the full cost of your booking will be charged.


  • We reserve the right to assume ownership of any cat which remains uncollected 2 weeks after the agreed collection date. This relates to the unlikely event that a cat has been abandoned or other unfortunate circumstance. 


  • Please note: We DO NOT provide a grooming service during your cat’s stay.  We will carry out basic brushing or combing, if asked.


  • Payments - All payments are due on the day of collection.

  • In an instance when we ask for a deposit. Once the deposit payment is received your booking is confirmed and the amount will be subtracted from your booking. Deposits are non-refundable.


  • Late payments - Any payments not made within 14 days of the collection date may be subject to additional fees. Payments not made within 14 days of the payment due date will forfeit any special rates and the full daily charges will apply and a new invoice will be sent.

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